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Smoke Detectors

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Smoke detectors can save your life and those of your family.  Most fatal house fires occur at night, while people are asleep.  As the fire spreads, toxic gases and thick smoke begin to accumulate.  These products of combustion can cause you to become disoriented and limit your visibility inside your home.  If you're asleep, you cannot rely on your own senses to detect a fire.

Selecting a Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors Save Lives!

When you are selecting a smoke detector, some simple tips can help ensure the safety of your family.  First, the detector should display the marking of a recognized independent testing laboratory such as Underwriters Lab (UL) along with being listed and approved for sale, installation, and home use.  Good detectors should also have a warning signal that alerts you when batteries need replacement.  Lastly, the smoke detectors alarm must be loud enough to wake a sleeping person behind a closed door.  Special detectors are available for persons with hearing difficulties.

Installation and Placement

Change Your Batteries When You Change Your Clocks!

Smoke detectors should be placed within 10 feet of sleeping areas, and  at least 1 detector should be installed on each level of your home.  The detector should be mounted on the ceiling or high on the wall (6-12 inches below the ceiling), and should never be placed in a dead air space such as in a corner.  Other areas to avoid when installing smoke detectors would include areas near heating ducts and cold air returns because the increased airflow around these areas could prevent smoke filled air from accumulating to a sufficient amount to activate the alarm.


Always consult the manufacturer's recommendation for testing the smoke detector.  Activating the testing mechanism once a month should be sufficient.  Remember to "Change Your Battery When You Change Your Clock".  Batteries should be replaced when you change your clocks in the Spring and Fall.  Most battery powered detectors will "chirp" periodically to alert you that the battery is weak and requires changing.  Simple maintenance such as vacuuming the detector at the time you change the batteries will reduce the number of false alarm activations.  

When the Alarm Sounds

In the event that your smoke detector sounds, you should immediately exit your home to a prearranged meeting location outside of the house.  This will help account for everyone's safety.  Make sure each family member knows two ways to escape from any room in the house.

Stay Low In Smoke!

If you must go through a smoke-filled area, crawl on your hands and knees and stay low near the floor.  There will be less smoke and heat at the floor level.  Always check doors for heat before opening to prevent walking into the fire!Once you are outside, and all your family members are safe, call 911 from a neighbor's house or the nearest phone outside your house.  Never return to the inside of a burning building for any reason.

Check Doors For Heat Before You Open Them!

Smoke detectors are an important part of protecting you and your loved ones from the dangers of fire.  Remember, smoke detectors save lives!

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