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Fire Operations

Fire Suppression

The Dyersburg Fire Department provides a fire suppression and rescue service to the City of Dyersburg through three fire stations.  These three fire stations are strategically located throughout the city to provide the citizens with a quick response time during an emergency.  Types of emergencies range from vehicle, structure or brush fires to motor vehicle accidents, extrications, industrial accidents or hazardous material incidents.

The Dyersburg Fire Department provides citizens outside city limits with fire protection through a subscription service.  If you are interested in this service contact your homeowners insurance provider.

The Fire Department moved to a class 3 ISO rating in December 2014 (previously ISO 4).  The ISO rating is comprised of several factors such as FD apparatus, water supply, training, response time, staffing, communications and codes/prevention.  The rating ranges on a scale from One to Ten, with one being superior and ten offering little or no fire protection. The Dyersburg Fire Department continuously strives to exceed in these areas.

Fire operations consist of Three Shifts.  Each shift is comprised of approximately fifteen personnel.  The chain of command is as follows:

First Responder Program
In 1994, the First Responder Program was integrated into the Fire Suppression service.  This program speaks for itself.  Whenever a Dyersburg City resident dials 911 for a medical emergency, the Dyersburg Fire Department sends trained Emergency Medical Technicians to the scene.  The EMT's will start basic life saving measures until the local ambulance service arrives and a higher level of medical care can be delivered.

The Special Operation Response Team consists of fifteen hazardous material technicians.  These members have received over 144 hours of specialized training in haz-mat team operations, radiological monitoring, and incident command.  Four of the members are considered Haz-Mat Specialists receiving extra training in rail road tank car incidents and highway emergency response.



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