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Wellhead Protection

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  Wellhead Protection Facts

The City of Dyersburg's Water comes from a supply of 7 wells located within the city limits. All wells are over 600 feet deep and draw water from the Memphis Sand Aquifer. Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA)- The surface or subsurface area that surrounds a water well or well field supplying a public water system and through which contaminants may move toward and reach the water well or well field. Groundwater is often taken for granted. Once it is polluted, it may be impossible to clean. Groundwater can become polluted by the improper disposal of household hazardous waste, over use of water, improper application of pesticides and fertilizers, leaking underground storage tanks, faulty septic systems, improper disposal of industrial wastes and over use of road salts.

Dyersburg Wellhead Protection Zone

Potentially Harmful Household Products

Automatic Transmission Fluid
Battery Acid
Degreasers (all Types)
Hydraulic Fluid
Motor oils & Waste oils
Diesel Fuel
#2 heating Oil
Car wash detergents
Car waxes & Polishes
Asphalt & roofing tar
Paint & Lacquer Thinner
Paint & Varnish Remover
Paints & Varnishes
Stains & Dyes
Metal Polishes
Laundry Stain Removers
Rock Salt
Drain Cleaners
Toilet Cleaners
Cesspool Cleaners
Pesticides (all types)
Photo chemicals
Printing Ink
Wood Preservatives
Lye or Caustic Soda
Jewelry Cleaners

The City of Dyersburg is very fortunate to have plenty of good safe drinking water. Your support is needed to keep our water safe for future generations. You can help protect our groundwater by properly disposing all hazardous materials, using non-hazardous products whenever possible, and reporting activities that may result in groundwater contamination. Each year the City holds a Hazardous Waste Day. On this day you can bring all of your hazardous wastes that have been collected over the years and dispose of them properly. Look for the time and location in the newspaper. Remember to dispose all hazardous wastes properly.

Help Keep Our Water Safe! For more information of the City of Dyersburg's Wellhead protection Areas, call (731) 288-0724.

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