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How to Conserve Water

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Just 1% of the entire earth's water is suitable for drinking. The rest of the water on earth is either salty or locked in icecaps and glaciers. So the one percent that we use is not only used for drinking, but also for agricultural, manufacturing, community and personal household and sanitation needs.

When you conserve water you also save money, by saving energy.

How to Conserve:

  • Repair household leaks
  • Install water saving devices
  • Don't let the water run when brushing your teeth or washing dishes.
  • Take shallow baths and short showers
  • Water your lawn in the afternoon
  • When doing laundry use the load selector
  • Change wasteful habits
  • Keep your pool or hot tub covered when not in use
  • Landscape your yard with plants that do not need a lot of water
  • Do not let the hose run while washing your car
  • Use a broom or rake instead of water to remove debris from side walks, porches, & etc.
  • Keep water in the refrigerator instead of letting water run in sink until cool
  • Frequently check irrigation system for leaks

Check your water system for leaks:

1. Locate your water meter
2. Read the meter first at night
3. Read the meter again in the morning, before any water is used.
4. Find the difference - subtract the first reading from the second to tell how much water leaked out over night (if any)
5. Look for leaks and have them repaired quickly.

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